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Rapco specializes in lead abatement and lead paint removal from any size project. Care must be taken when removing old chipped lead paint from surfaces prior to painting. Rapco uses techniques which adhere to all guidelines as set forth by regulatory agencies. Lead paint abatement is a very sensitive process that must be performed properly in order to assure a post-project safe environment. It is best to leave the removal of lead based paint to the professionals at Rapco.


When you're not sure if you have an environmental problem, i.e. asbestos, mold, lead, etc., then you should have the material tested by an INDEPENDENT COMPANY. There is a very defined conflict of interest for any company which performs both removal of environmentally hazardous materials and also tests for the same. In other words, don't have the same company first test to see if you have a problem and then subsequently offer to sell you a job to correct the problem!


What you should know about your lead removal company:

Lead removal should be performed by a company that is licensed with the State of California Contractors State License Board.  Presently, the Contractors State License Board has no classification for "Lead Removal." However, lead paint is removed in much the same way as asbestos. Accordingly, companies that perform lead removal should, at a minimum, have an ASB (asbestos) classification. It is also recommended that lead removal companies register with CAL/OSHA and obtain a registration number that should be offered to all prospective clients. Further, lead removal companies should maintain an adequate level of insurance. All workers who perform lead removal should have proper training in order to assure that lead paint debris is not scattered through-out the work area during removal. There are very specialized techniques that must be incorporated in order to assure a safe removal process.  All workers should be covered by worker's compensation insurance to assure that no liability is passed on to the property owner (client). 
Rapco is licensed with the State of California Contractors State License Board with an ASB classification (License #671425). Rapco is registered with CAL/OSHA (Registration #263). All of Rapco's workers attend annual refresher courses. Rapco maintains a $1,000,000.00 liability insurance policy.   All of Rapco's workers are covered by worker's compensation insurance.

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